We are officially registered kennel name "Freyson Show Star"

We are officially registered kennel name "Freyson Show Star"

In 2019 I passed breeding courses and I got my own kennel name  "Freyson Show Star".

Target as a breeder: Most important features for me are character and health. In character the most important thing is working capasity. I try to breed lively dogs, with who you can compete.

Breeding is not easy, so that's why I make co-operation with other breeders who have same idea and to who I can trust.

There is no perfect dog and every dog needs something and that's why you have to recognize and accept the facts to go forward. Breeding is like wave motion, one step forward and two back or vice versa. Things just not happen as you want and hope.

Puppies: Puppies live in the house with us and other dogs. I play with them and get them used to different sounds, materials and grounds, so they would have as well starting point of good working dog as possible. Before puppies go to their new home (at the age of 12 weeks) they have been wormed 3 times, they have microchip and medical examination. To owners I will give informations how to take care of the puppy.


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