Litter "A"

Bichon Frise Kennel in Israel: "Freyson Show Star"

Litter A
D.O.B.: 24.10.2019
Freya Belosnezniy Aristocrat & OsmarsZeus Forrest Gamp

Introducing a new litter "A" of Bichon Frise puppies born in Israel. Bichon Frise puppies with a gorgeous pedigree and parents Champions of different countries: Freya Belosnezniy Aristocrat & OsmarsZeus Forrest Gamp.

There are 3 puppies in the litter - one girl and 2 boys. Snow-white puppies with strong pigment, strong build and playful character.

Angelina Freyson
Archie Freyson
Andy Freyson


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