From what age a Bravecto pill can be given?

Previously, when I didn’t have puppies, I didn’t think of this question. But the time has come and I decided to write a post and give an answer: From what age should we give a Bravecto pill?

In this article I won’t be talking about the disadvantages of this pill, as many breeders argue in different forums about the pros and cons of it, and I do agree with some points. But you can also say that about any human pill or antibiotic- don’t they harm a human too? Of course, any chemicals can cause harm to humans, but they also cure various diseases! I think that in our time, ecology also harms us, so what solution is there? Stop breathing?
So, getting back to the question: From what age should we give a Bravecto pill?

The answer is simple, you can also get it from the drug use in Bravecto pill itself! Contraindication in use is individual intolerance to the drug components and the drug should not be used for puppies under 8 weeks, meaning less than two months old and dogs weighing less than 2 kg. Bravecto is not intended for use by productive animals.

You should also keep in mind that we are talking about Bravecto pills now. They should be given according to the dosage and instructions inside the box and according to the dogs weight! The pill must not be divided into pieces!

The next question, to which many cannot find the answer is: When does the Bravecto pill onset the action? So, in 2 hours - onset of the pills action, in 8 hours - its maximum effect from fleas and after 12 hours - maximum effect from ticks. Total duration of the pill is 12 weeks of protecting against ticks and fleas.

Also, they say that it’s allowed to use the drug during lactation and maternity, but I would not experiment and do all the procedures in advance. If necessary, you can repeat the treatment after 12 weeks.

It is recommended to avoid any violations of the regimen of the drug, as it can lead to a decrease in its effectiveness. In case the next treatment is skipped, the drug usage is resumed in the same dose according to the same scheme.


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