Equipping the “Maternity Place”

All young breeders have a lot of questions on how to arrange a maternity place. What is needed for it and what place is it better to be in? And someone like me, who cannot build it on his own, would question where to buy and what maternity place to buy is best!

I looked through a lot of online stores, read a lot of reviews, looked through video reviews and chose an amazing American company (unfortunately, there are no such products in Ukraine and Israel, and there is no delivery) ezwhelp! But I, as a goal-oriented and a bit crazy for my pets person, made the delivery happen and the first droppings was made in the maternity box from ezwhelp.

And I want to add that I had no regrets on such an expensive purchase!
Now let's talk a little about where and how and how much time is needed to equip a maternity place.

About 7 to 10 days before birth, I start to prepare my pet a place where she could give birth and feed puppies. Here I’d like to warn you that the “birth box” can’t be or is undesirable to place in the aisles an is better to choose some corner of the room where there is no draft, where it is possible to equip additional lighting and a safe heater, if necessary.

The place usually consists of the maternity place, where the puppies could and would walk and will also leave puddles. Therefore, in order not to spoil the floor, it must be covered with waterproof material, and is also desirable to make a ledge round the perimeter of the box, under which the puppy can fit. It is done so that when the mother goes to bed, she wouldn’t accidentally lay on her puppies. I needn’t think of that, just because everything was thought out by the manufacturer of the “Maternity Box” that I’ve bought.

Moving on to the "goodies"- you can put a rug or any other object, on which the dog usually sleeps, in the maternity box, so that she can get used to the new place. (A dog needs to be trained to the maternity place about 7-10 days before giving birth). Do not forget to put water near the maternity place and feed the dog there.


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