A short list for the Bichon Frise when you take him at home

A short list without extra water what will need for Bichon Frise puppy  when you take it home!

  1. Toilet pads are absorbent, waterproof, and washable
  2. Professional dry food "Super-premium" 
  3. Dog feeder and dog drinker. I recommend ceramic or metal, easy-to-clean rubber-bottomed bowls
  4. Toys for Bichon Frise
  5. Sleepypod air travel bag
  6. Brushes: metal comb (different sizes), slicker brush
  7. Scissors
  8. Nail clippers
  9. Shampoo and balm for everyday bathing. Recommended brands: "Yves Saint Bernard", "Plush Puppy" and others recommended by the kennel. Be sure to use conditioner after shampooing
  10. Spray - conditioner for combing


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