How to clean Bichon Frise teeth?

People clean their teeth every morning. This procedure is important for the health of teeth and gums. Brushing our teeth, we wash off a huge amount of harmful bacteria, get rid of caries and food debris. Have you ever thought that Bichon Frize also needs to brush his teeth? No? Well, in vain. After all, Bichons not only eat, but also running on the street, they often taste and chew different things. And small particles get stuck between the teeth. A large number of dogs have bad teeth. And the whole reason is that the owners do not clean them with their pets. And do you know that the dog's sick teeth can lead to much more serious diseases. Such as periodontitis and dental fistula and other diseases of the oral cavity. This complex, at first glance, procedure in actual fact requires only a little patience and ten minutes of your free time. After all, the health and good humor of a pet is worth it, is not it?

Open your mouth! Many dogs do not like it when someone tries to get to them in the mouth. This is the fault of the owner: a pet should be taught from childhood to brushing your teeth. To begin with, use your own fingers as a "brush". Dip them in a delicious meat broth and dip into the pet's mouth. Repeat the procedure several times until the dog is used to the fact that the fingers of the host periodically appear in her mouth. If you want to participate in the future with the dog in the exhibitions, you need to teach her to the team: "Show your teeth!" - this is a mandatory requirement of experts.

Bichon Frize's teeth?

Finally, we begin the first real cleaning: wrap the finger with gauze or bandage in 4-5 layers, apply a paste on the fabric and perform circular movements - wipe the teeth from the gums to the tips. Do it carefully: try not to scratch the mouth and do not erase the enamel. Perhaps the first time you will not be able to clean all the teeth. Do this for several approaches. Do not try to work the inside of the teeth: the dog will clean it by itself - with the tongue. The main thing is that neither you nor the dog perceive this simple procedure as something unpleasant. It will be better if you turn brushing your teeth into an exciting game. During the procedure, do not forget to praise the dog for obedience!

Brushing your teeth should be practiced at least 2 times a week. The process should last no more than 5 minutes. After cleaning, always ask the dog to open the mouth and examine the oral cavity. If you notice that the gums bleed, - wipe the affected area with a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide. After a while, the finger with gauze can be replaced with a special dog brush.

When do I start brushing my teeth with Bishon?

To brush the dog's teeth is easy enough, if you teach it from a young age. Begin to familiarize with this procedure puppy can be already in 2 months. Gradually, he will get used to it and it will not be an unpleasant duty for him. But at a more mature age, this is not difficult to do. To do this, buy a special toothbrush for dogs. It will be better if you buy a soft-nosed brush. You will also need a special toothpaste. Now in shops sell pastes with the most various aromas and tastes. The toothpaste composition is safe. After all, the dog does not understand that toothpaste can not be swallowed, but you need to rinse your mouth and spit into the bathroom. Teach your dog to brush your teeth gradually, use a variety of rewards before and after brushing your teeth for good behavior.

Choose a paste

Paste for dogs differs from that used by people, because animals do not know how to rinse their mouths and swallow a hygienic. By the way, the pasta for the pet should not be minty: such a strong aroma can harm a little dog. It is desirable that the dog toothpaste does not contain fluoride. It is better to choose a remedy that can soften the tartar. Now special pastes for dogs with taste of bacon, chicken broth and other delicacies are distributed. Producers claim that they can be swallowed, but just in case it is better to rinse the dog with a shower after the procedure.

Experienced dog breeders are advised to rinse the dog with a chamomile mixture after cleansing. To prepare this product you need to pour a glass of boiling water 1 teaspoon of chamomile. As a tool for rinsing, many use a syringe without a needle. Chamomile is useful not only for teeth, but for the stomach of a dog.

Healthy teeth - good mood

Remember how badly you feel when your teeth hurt! The dog also sometimes feels such a feeling, although tooth diseases are observed in these pets less often than in humans: they do not eat so much sweet. But dogs are still prone to diseases of the oral cavity. They themselves can not take care of the prevention of these ailments, and special bones for cleaning teeth do not give the desired result. However, if you systematically remove yellow plaque from your pet's teeth, monitor the condition of its mouth and select the right food with vitamins, your dog will never know about the existence of a toothache.

Keeping your dog's teeth clean is extremely important. Ideally, Bichon Frize teeth should be cleaned every day or every other day. Regularly brush your pet's teeth and visit veterinarians for examination.


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