Everything for Bichon Frise in Ukraine

Brought pet Bichon Frise in Ukraine and do not know where and what to buy for grooming! Which insurance to insure the Bichon Frise? In which online store to order food or a veterinarian to choose!

What is written in the article, carries a purely advisory in nature, and of course you can decide where and what to buy and where to be served! And so we begin:

Grooming - Bichon Frise in Ukraine (Kyiv, left Coast): Aleksandra Popova
Grooming - Bichon Frise in Ukraine (Kyiv, right Coast):  Tatyana Vergel
Online pet shop in Kiev: Ginger cat
Handling (lessons and master classes as well as a professional handler for the exhibition in Kiev): Lilia Fialkovskaya
Ukrainian Bichon Frise Club: Contact
Ukrainian Kennel Union (FCI): www.uku.com.ua


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